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Eddie Carroll

Filed under: Old-Time Radio — Katie Summers @ 5:50 pm

The morning of April 7th, 2010, a friend died. This friend was Eddie Carroll. He was the voice of the famous cricket, Jiminy Cricket. He also did wonderful Jack Benny impersonations. I first met Mr.Carroll at an Old Radio Convention. I often go to these and very much enjoy them. They have recreations of old radio programs. The first time I met him, my dad told me to come meet Jiminy Cricket. He then whispered something in my ear, and I honestly can’t remember what he said. There are so many other things that I can remember about him, like a recreation of the Jack Benny program, or my dad and I interviewing Mr.Carroll for a panel. Also, I remember sitting next to him at the Benihana in Ohio for a dinner at the convention. I was informed of his death the morning he died when I got up in the middle of the night. Dad was awake, and he told me Eddie had died. Eddie was injured; we knew that from his website. It said, “Due to Mr. Carroll’s recent injury, all shows are postponed.” It turned out that he slipped, and his balance was all screwed up. While the doctors were trying to figure it out, they saw that he had a brain tumor. This is how our friend, Mr. Eddie Carroll died. A lot of people liked him. He was easy to like, a sweet man. He made many people laugh, whether it was as Jack Benny pinching his pennies or Jiminy Cricket influencing Pinocchio. Jack Benny wasn’t as known to my generation as he was to my father’s generation. Jiminy Cricket, though, if you ask any child, is widely known.



With this, we welcome my daughter Katie’s musings to the blog…I believe her comments will serve as a more hopeful counterpoint to the usual grousings written by your obedient servant.

This post began life as something she wrote for herself shortly after Eddie died. A friend of hers read it and suggested she submit it to the middle school newspaper, which she did. She was later somewhat publicly accused of plagiarism by the paper’s faculty adviser; since she couldn’t possibly know who Jack Benny was, she must have copied the article from somewhere else, QED.


So I hope you’ll join me in encouraging her efforts here instead, where we all expect that she would know Jack and Mary, George and Gracie, Archie and Jughead, Snooks, Gildersleeve, and all the other wonderful people she’s been listening to all of her life. –cfs3)

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