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Still no FOTR pics up…ok, just one

Filed under: Old-Time Radio — Charlie Summers @ 1:28 pm

Katie Summers as Cookie, with Will Huchins as father Dagwood Bumsted
Photo from rehearsal before the performance

This week has been very very busy…today, I am building a graveyard and poker game between a skeleton and a severed hand (and it isn’t every day I can say something like that!), so there’s been no time to go through all the pics I’ve taken to get some posted. (Heck, I haven’t yet had the time to process all of the high-def digital video I shot. Ok, other than the Dave Warren Players’ version of Blondie, in which I have something of a vested interest. ;)

Truth is, though, there isn’t as much need for me to do it anymore. There was a time I was the only person at the convention to carry a computer with me, and the first to use digital photography (actually used 1600-speed film but had the film digitally scanned at processing time). Nowadays, everyone and their dog has a digital camera even in their telephone, and access to some face-thing or other faux-website, so my pics have less relevance.

That said, some of you have been very kind to ask if I was going to get anything up, suggesting I might be a bit more selective than others who just dump the contents of their memory card, so for those nice folks I will be getting pics posted as soon as I can.

Further downrange, I will be posting about all the rumors swirling about the future of FOTR. No, I have no “inside information,” nothing that others didn’t hear at the same time at the mini-committee meeting, but I do hear a lot of the rumors and talk with a lot of the committee members, and so have some personal opinions about everything I’ll be posting later. If nothing else, it’ll give certain folks the opportunity to take more cheap shots at me… ;)

Edit: Scratch that; it’s been pointed out to me that there are plenty of photos from the FOTR convention available elsewhere, and my time can be better spent promoting the hobby in other ways. I am also reconsidering the post regarding the future of the FOTR convention, since it may just be a self-indulgence I should avoid. –cfs3

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‘Hawaii Five-0′ actor James MacArthur dies

Filed under: Television, News — Charlie Summers @ 10:01 am

From NBC: ‘Hawaii Five-0′ actor James MacArthur dies

Depressing, especially after the recent “reboot” so screwed-up the original mythology. I really, truly, hate the lack of imagination being shown by today’s television and film industry.

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My Little Cookie…Bumstead, that is.

Filed under: Old-Time Radio — Charlie Summers @ 3:21 pm

To pretend this post has to do with anything other than a proud papa fawning over his child’s accomplishment would be foolish. Seems the Dave Warren Players, headed by Gary Yoggy, needed an actress to play the role of Cookie in the Blondie performance Saturday morning. Derek Tague approached me and asked if Katie would be interested…since I refuse to either encourage or discourage her from performing (this is, after all, my hobby, so it would be wrong to force it upon anyone else; others with children have strongly encouraged me to push her, but that’s just not my style), I suggested he ask her directly and I would cheerfully support any decision she made. She decided to perform the role, and so made her acting debut at the 35th annual Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention.

In this short clip, my daughter is performing with my friends Bobb Lynes, Barbara Watkins in the title role, and Will Huchins in the role of Dagwood, one he portrayed briefly on television. (Will is probably best-known outside FOTR as Tom Sugarfoot Brewster and one of the stars of Hey, Landlord, although those of us who frequent the convention just know him as one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.)

And to make a joke she will absolutely hate, when they said, “There are no small roles, only small actors,” I don’t think they meant short actors…still, seeing her stand between Bobb and Will makes me giggle.

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Web Upgrade HTML 5 May Weaken Privacy

Filed under: News — Charlie Summers @ 11:27 am

From The New York Times: Web Upgrade HTML 5 May Weaken Privacy

The article suggests that using HTML5, “advertisers and others could, experts say, see weeks or even months of personal data. That could include a user’s location, time zone, photographs, text from blogs, shopping cart contents, e-mails and a history of the Web pages visited.”

And you wonder why I have grown to hate advertisers? The days of my late good friend Carl Weber, someone who would never have dreamed of forcing his work onto anyone, are long gone. Now we have advertising marketers who are so intrusive they border on breaking-and-entering.

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Twitter, After Number of Users Surges, Turns to Ads

Filed under: News — Charlie Summers @ 10:16 am

From The New York Times: Twitter, After Number of Users Surges, Turns to Ads

I will never knowingly forward, retweet, or otherwise bring attention to a paid ad on Twitter. Nor will I click on any, nor purchase from anything promoted on Twitter. For a while, it was the only ad-free place on the Net, and I enjoyed the idea. Now it’s just another crass, crude area designed for marketers to pick your pocket.

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