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Still searching for simple mobile java Twitter app…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 3:24 pm

It’s been really pretty frustrating; when Twitter decided to switch to oAuth/xAuth from Basic Authentication (username/password), my favorite mobile java application, TinyTwitter, bought the big one and stopped working. (FWIW, so did my Twitpress plugin for this blog, but I worked around that quickly and easily by using the basic auth proxy I figured finding something simple, something that would allow me to quickly and easily update my Twitter status without downloading my complete timeline (I do not have a data plan, and so pay by the kilobyte) would be trivial. Man, was I ever wrong!

(So far as I can tell, oAuth is used for external services to access your timeline, where xAuth is used for a one-time username/password session. Corrections would be appreciated.)

I have tested a series of mobile java apps, with almost universal failures:

  • Twim: Attempts to use xAuth, fails with “Could not authenticate you.”
  • meTwit: Works using oAuth, but forces a bandwidth-intensive download of entire timeline.
  • Twibble: Attempts to use xAuth, fails with “Unauthorized” and for some reason refuses to save the password.
  • uTweetMe: Attempts to use xAuth, fails with “Unauthorized.”
  • jibjib: Attempts to, I think, use xAuth (although there are setup items to receive an oAuth token, it consistantly fails with a java error), response “401 Unauthorized”
  • PavoMe: Works using oAuth, but forces a bandwidth-intensive download of entire timeline. Also doesn’t use the phone’s own touchscreen input routines, instead presenting its own inferior QWERTY keyboard.
  • Snaptu: Using oAuth forces a bandwidth-intensive download of entire timeline, but I couldn’t find a simple “Update Status” menu item!

So here I am, noting a pattern that anything that uses an oAuth gateway appears to work perfectly but universally require a timeline update I don’t want to pay for, while anything attempting to use xAuth fails miserably with a “Not Authorized” error.

Would be delighted to receive additional suggestions for mobile java apps that will let me update my Twitter stream without downloading the timeline…

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