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I’m Looking for a New Set-Top Media Player…

Filed under: General, Television — Charlie Summers @ 12:09 pm

If anyone has suggestions for a new high-definition media player, I’d really appreciate a post in the comments section. I’ve been using a WDTV player, but after barely two years Western Digital has decided to end-of-life the first-generation player (that means they’ve arbitrarily decided they will not release additional firmware updates). This constitutes a refusal to fix all of the bugs and problems the unit has, and obviously doesn’t bode well for the later versions of the device - I mean, if this company thinks I’m going to spend a hundred or two every two years just to get a more modern bug-riddled device (the current top-of-the-line WDTV Live has pretty severe problems detailed on WD’s “support” forums), they have another think coming.

Indeed, it’s unlikely I’ll ever purchase one of their hard drives either, I am so disgusted with such a short product “retirement…” it might be different if I was expecting additional features, but I’m not; I only want the bugs in the programming fixed so the device finally functions as they promised when I purchased the thing.

Ah, well…if anyone knows another device that can play back HD videos in various formats, and is backed by a company who supports the product longer than literally mere months after discontinuing the product from sales, please let me know.

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