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Why I won’t have an iPod/iPhone/iPad…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 11:17 pm

For quite a while, I have threatened to publicly explain why I do not now have, and do not plan to own, an iPhone. I have explained it numerous times to folks who ask, and it’s starting to get a little old; the release of the new Apple iPad has brought all the questions back again, so I figured it was time to explain this publicly once and for all…after this, when someone asks me why I’m not leaping at the latest Apple product, I can just point them to this post.

A little background; for easily a decade, I was a huge Apple promoter. My earliest Macintosh is a 512k (still in the basement, and still worked the last time I fired it up), I owned the Mac Plus (which was tricked-out with all kinds of stuff, like an internal hard drive), SE/30 (which was tricked-out with all kinds of stuff like an external color monitor and processor upgrade), and the 7500 (ditto on processor upgrades and other internal doo-dads)…the Macintosh I still use routinely is the PowerMac G4, the last Macintosh built that can natively boot into Macintosh OS9. However, when the original System 10 was scrapped and replaced by the thin-shell of OSX layered on top of FreeBSD, I pretty much gave up on the Macintosh. (Oh, c’mon…I’ve been running FreeBSD and linux since the 386 processor. Why would I pay hundreds of dollars in premiums just to run a free operating system? Besides, the real advantage to the Macintosh operating system pre-X was the complete lack of a command line underlying it…since it was built from the ground-up as a graphical system, there was little way for any hostile application to hook into the system in the first place. OSX is just as vulnerable to viruses as any other *nix derivative being operated by a non-guru…that is, very.)

All of this is to say that there was a time when no one was more of an Apple advocate than I was, so you can’t accuse me of being one of those Apple-bashers. My reasons for avoiding the iPhone (and other Apple devices) isn’t based on an irrational dislike of the company…it is instead based on perfectly sensible reasons. To explain the main one, though, I need to temporarily create an alternate universe. Hey, it’s got to be better than the idiotic one being spoon-fed to us on Fringe…

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Archie Comics announces new gay character

Filed under: Old-Time Radio, News — Charlie Summers @ 11:58 am

From CNN: Archie Comics announces new gay character

Riverdale High School, the stomping ground of comic book legend Archie Andrews, will open its doors to its first openly gay student. Hal Stone would not have liked this a-tal…

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Verizon CEO: “We Will Find Pirates, Throttle Them, and Charge Extra”

Filed under: News — Charlie Summers @ 12:31 pm

From ZeroPaid: Verizon CEO: “We Will Find Pirates, Throttle Them, and Charge Extra”

From the article: “With Comcast’s purchase of NBC Universal last December we are seeing broadband providers merge with content providers, and the transition to digital media distribution. What happens when ISPs decide to throttle competing applications and services or block them altogether.”

While this site tends to be seriously biased and there are obvious grammar and punctuation issues, the core of the article is correct - without Net Neutrality, your Internet provider will easily be able to “favor” its own up-sold products while throttling anything else it wants. It’s like your telephone company deciding who you may call.

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Video from Eddie Carroll Interview

Filed under: Old-Time Radio — Charlie Summers @ 4:00 pm

Last year, at the Cincinnati Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention, I had the great honor to be asked to host Eddie Carroll for an hour of stories and fun. As I always do, I did some research ahead of time, but asked my daughter Katie to research Eddie’s work as Jiminy Cricket…both as a learning exercise and to involve her with the hobby. She did a wonderful job, reading and researching, so during the discussion I thought it only fair to have her ask the questions, since she was the one who was prepared.

From my high-definition master recording of April 25, 2009, here is Eddie Carroll and my daughter Katie in a short “one-on-one” session.

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Eddie Carroll, 1933-2010

Filed under: Old-Time Radio, Television, News — Charlie Summers @ 12:00 am

Dr. Mike Biel informed me this evening, and the website confirms, that Eddie Carroll, Jack Benny impressionist and the voice of Jimney Jiminy Cricket, died this morning (Tuesday, April 6). The only information I currently have is posted to the above website; additional information, as well as links to published obits, will follow as soon as I get them.

Eddie Carroll and Katie Summers
Go figure; after having had dinner with Eddie and Carolyn Carroll the evening before, and interviewing him, she suddenly got shy asking him for an autograph.

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Court Favors Comcast in F.C.C. ‘Net Neutrality’ Rule

Filed under: News — Charlie Summers @ 12:48 pm

From The New York Times: Court Favors Comcast in F.C.C. ‘Net Neutrality’ Rule

From the article: “A federal appeals court has ruled that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the authority to require broadband providers to give equal treatment to all Internet traffic flowing over their networks.”

The only losers here are the consumers (yes, that’s all of us); now companies can block or limit any traffic they want, while steering customers to their own services. They make more money, the consumer has fewer choices. What the devil is wrong with this country lately?

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John Forsythe, ‘Dynasty’ Actor, Is Dead at 92

Filed under: Television, News — Charlie Summers @ 3:59 pm

From The New York Times: John Forsythe, ‘Dynasty’ Actor, Is Dead at 92

Yes, well, some of us are old enough to remember “Bachelor Father…”

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