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The BBC, and all networks, are misguided

Filed under: General, Television — Charlie Summers @ 2:19 pm

This is just a quick little story; the BBC had a news program (I should say programme) on I wanted to see. I went to the BBC website, which informed me I couldn’t, since they only allow streaming to computers within the UK. Now I could have found a proxy in the UK that would let me pretend to be within the country, but I said “the heck with it,” went to the newsgroups, found a cap of the program, downloaded it, and watched it.

Who wins? No one. I had to perform a mildly improper act just to watch a program I should have been able to see directly from the provider. And other networks are equally narrow-sighted, locking out whoever they wish without seeing that on the Internet, one can always find what one is looking for. I mean, c’mon, how many folks in the UK watch our drama series right after they air here instead of waiting until their country deigns to run the show. Do they think denying access really stops anyone who wants to see the latest episode of House or Heroes?

Look, this is really simple. Media companies can either make it easy for us to watch their programming, or we’ll find another way, one over which they have no control. Putting up roadblocks just encourages us to find a more direct route to the same target.

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One Response to “The BBC, and all networks, are misguided” »


  1. jwidner Says:

    While I am generally in 100% agreement with you as we are big fans of watching/listening to many of the BBC programmes (I got the English spelling in!). But in fairness, you need to keep in mind that the BBC is funded by licensing from the English citizens. While I think about the ex-pats who live in other countries sometimes being denied something they are taxed on, I can still understand if I lived in Britain and paid a tax to hear those same programs that others overseas can listen to for free, I’d be upset.

    As you say, there are usually ways around it - if you ever find a proxy that works and will allow me to watch BBC television programs, let me know - I’ve tried proxies and can’t usually get them to work.

    My comment is not a defense (or defence as the Brits write) of their practice, but rather an understanding from whence it came.

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