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So I’m Still an XM Subscriber…

Filed under: Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 12:13 am

As many of you know, my plan was to cancel my two XM Satellite Radio subscriptions…I honestly haven’t listened to the radio for weeks now other than for a minute or two in the car until I get annoyed with the lousy sound quality, and only hear daily The Bob Edwards Show episodes via the on-line feed (something I had planned on explaining once I canceled), but those plans went horribly awry.

Anyone who knows us knows that in all things, I am “bad cop,” where my wife is “good cop.” That is, I have a firm outline of right and wrong and tend to expound on it at the top of my considerable lungs, where she is the diplomat, the one who uses kindness to get what she wants. So I had her call XM to cancel, knowing if I did it and the retention expert started lying to me about where the $1.98 in rate hike is going, I would end up going ballistic for no good reason on some schlub who is trying to make a living getting people to continue to throw money into a dying industry. I told her to handle it, and…er…she did. And we still have two radios subscribed.

Seems the retention expert gave her a deal in exchange for an up-front payment equal to two months without the improper rate hike, and she bit. I still haven’t decided whether or not the poor sound quality and unimpressive programming is worth the $4.00/month/radio, although I pegged the worth of the on-line feed for my listening to one show at $5.00/month (again, something I wanted to explain once I canceled), but this does buy me a few months to get my act together in the car - there’s another MP3 player on-order that you will read a review of once I put it through its paces. And at least we aren’t paying $15.00/month, which I assure you XM Satellite Radio is not worth. (Especially now that the board of directors has extended the contract of the CEO that caused the downfall of satellite radio as an industry, and given him a quarter-million-dollar-per-year raise to boot.)

Edit August 6, 2009: Checked my invoice, and it turns out the guy Annie talked to at XM was a lying weasel. Ok, so it’s only a little over three dollars, but I really hate being lied to and hate it more when someone lies to my family, so they can kiss my patoots come December.

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