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Stereo 3D Photography Made REALLY Simple…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 1:43 pm

First there was the 3D “Hannah Montana” concert…then the excitement over the Super Bowl commercials and following episode of Chuck…and now Bolt and Coraline and the Jonas Brothers Concert in theaters. 3D seems to be the “next big thing,” particularly by those who forget that 3D viewing is as old as photography. And so there’s no confusion, maybe animators appropriated the term “3D” for fleshed-out wire renderings which are rendered in 2D, but to old guys like me, 3D means Creatures from the Black Lagoon-style two-eyes-are-better-than-one viewing.

There are many good histories of 3D, or stereo photography, elsewhere on the Net…what I wanted to do was look at a few different systems, and see how difficult it would be to actually take a stereo photograph.

Short answer…not very. Seriously, anyone can do it. Yes, that includes you. Read on, then consider trying it out yourself.

I started off intentionally handicapping myself. I used my daughter’s Che-ez! Foxz camera, purchased for $23 back in 2006…we bought it for her so she could take pics when she wanted to, without us having to worry about her breaking a “real” digital camera. (Go figure…I’ve broken mine, hers is still working.) It’s a 1.3MP camera (less than in some cell phones), does have a flash, fixed lens, 2x digital zoom. It was well worth the $22.99, and some of the photos this camera has taken over the years are priceless (if you want to see the world through a child’s eyes, to see what is and is not important to their view of the universe, give’em a camera and then pay attention to the result), but no one could mistake it for a high-end machine, if you know what I mean. (More, including the stereo 3D photographs I took, after the jump.)

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