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Why I hate computers…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 10:45 pm

I mentioned a bit ago that one of the machines here suffered a catastrophic disc failure…understand, no data was lost, but I never did get the time to install the new hardware that should bring all of the data back on-line, so I’ve been limping that machine along without most of the tools I’m used to having. (Like, for example, changing a web page right now requires me to write raw HTML instead of using some of the cute tools that make it a little easier, which made the Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention update take a little longer than it should have.) I’ve been looking forward to a weekend to take the time to disassemble the computer (and my desk, while I’m at it, for some serious dust-bunny eradication) and install the hardware.

So today, the current in the house died for a few seconds…I don’t think it was more than two or three, in fact, although I admit it seemed an eternity when I realized that two machines behind UPS devices went completely down, and my daughter’s in the living room also died a horrible death. Of the two in my office, one was the one that had the disc failure a bit ago…that one is the only one that I was able to bring completely back.

My daughter’s Macintosh can no longer access the network so I can pull some utilities to fix the secondary drive that holds many of her applications, and frankly I don’t have the time to deal with it right now, so with my apologies I shut hers down until there’s a free minute. The other machine in my office to die was the Windows box that I keep almost all of the audio and video work on - yep, it’s the machine with the podcasting files on it, too. And that one got completely hosed; it refuses to boot into Windows (not even Safe Mode), and this is after running chkdsk /r on the drive from the recovery console. Twice. (*sigh*)

So…looks like I’m going to spend the entire weekend restoring ancient Windows software via PC Angel (anyone who knows what I’m talking about is shuddering right now), then updating it with a long string of reboots, then reinstalling most of my software since it will, even after the updates, not have the proper DLLs in there to run a goodly percentage of it.

Good news is, the machine should start running like a champ again (any time one completely reinstalls Windows the pep returns to the computer). Bad news is…there goes the friggin’ weekend…and all because of a few seconds’ of power outage and an apparently bad UPS.

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