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“24″ blows up the ship

Filed under: Television — Charlie Summers @ 3:15 pm

Ok, kids, it’s about time to bid farewell to what used to be the best series on the air, 24. Last season (that is, 2006-2007, before the writer’s strike came along and got them more money for writing garbage like Cavemen) they brought on-board Manny Cotto, who hasn’t done anything worth watching since Odyssey 5, and as expected the show immediately hit the skids, went down the tubes, pick your favorite metaphor for worst…season…ever. So how are we going to fix this?

By hiring Star Trek: WhoCares’ Brannon “Hey, I only have one idea but I’ll keep using it over and over - let’s blow up the ship!” Braga and Manny’s brother Carlos Cotto, whose only justification seems to be nepotonic, as co-Exec Producers.

Seriously, we’re all doomed. Why is it every time I really like something they end up screwing me over? I still maintain the writers personally owe my mother a partial refund for the claptrap they foisted upon us, and that she purchased for me in DVD format (my mother knows me really well…every year there’s a 24 DVD set and something from the original-and-only-legitimate Star Trek under the tree for me).

And one more thing…can we please stop calling the upcoming two-hour movie a “prequel?” Unless it airs after the up-coming season (which it won’t), it’s no “prequel,” it’s instead a bridge between what was the worst season to date, and what is shaping up to be the worst season to air (at least based upon the recent new-hires). But it’s airing in the correct order chronologically. (prequel: A literary, dramatic, or cinematic work whose narrative takes place before that of a preexisting work or a sequel.) I don’t care if they filmed the whole bloody season first, if it’s airing in the correct order, it ain’t a “prequel.”

(*sigh*) I’m going back to 24: The Game. There’s a helluva lot more originality in the script for the game than there was in all of last season, anyway, and this year ain’t shaping up so good.

Oh, before I forget, yes, kids, I know I have been lax in the podcasting area. I’m working on that now, and should have some new shows posted within the week. Sorry ’bout that…

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