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OTR Digest Delay - Resolved

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 5:08 pm

A heads-up; the OTR Digest will be delayed. Thanks to a catastrophic disc failure, I’m hustling around today trying to rebuild from backups one of the drives I use to build the Digest (and since I’m doing it I’m also replacing a second drive that has not failed but is as old as the one that did).

Please do not panic; no mail has been or is being lost, the server is cheerfully storing everything that comes in, even the male-enhancement and “take your $41-million” letters. Any postings to the Digest will eventually show up, it just may take a day or so. The last Digest was released early this morning, and if I get really lucky the next issue will be released sometime after 8:00am tomorrow morning (resulting in a delay of only a few hours), but testing the new drive will probably take longer which will delay the Digest past my current optimistic target.

Oh, my personal email is processed by that drive, too, so if you’ve sent me private mail since last evening, I probably won’t get to it until tomorrow. Again, nothing is lost, and I will get to it, but I admit my personal email takes a back-seat to getting the Digest out, so it’ll be delayed a bit longer. And…um…writing me to ask about the progress won’t do anyone much good, since by the time I get to it you will have already received the Digest. If anything radical happens (unlikely, since this is all pretty routine disaster recovery) that causes a delay much past Wednesday morning, I’ll post about it here to let you know.

I had planned on spending the day getting some podcasts ready, but that ship sailed the moment I realized the hard drive became only a little more functional than a paperweight. I am working diligently on the problem…or, more accurately, I am impatiently glaring at the computers working on the problem. ;)

EDIT: As you should know by now, the issue is resolved. I didn’t get everything I wanted done yet (and have ordered additional hardware to help prevent this in the future), but Digest (and other mail processing) has resumed. Thanks for the understanding and the patience.

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