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Another trip to Politics and Prose…

Filed under: General, News, Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 11:34 am

I played hooky again yesterday…and believe me, it takes something to get me out of my bunny slippers and on the road for a four-hour drive. But yesterday, instead of working, I took a drive to my favorite inside-the-beltway coffee shop…er…bookstore (hey, there’s very little more relaxing than sitting downstairs sipping the perfect cappuccino and smelling all those delightful books right on the other side of the doorway…) Politics and Prose. You should remember this bookstore from my previous visits (I’ve posted about the trip down to see Studs Terkel), and if anything’s changed the coffee is even tastier.

But last night’s visit was to see an institution in journalism, Daniel Schorr. Info, multimedia after the jump.

For those who don’t know, Mr. Schorr was the last person hired by Edward R. Murrow at CBS, went on to the fledgling CNN and eventually ended up at National Public Radio as their Senior News Analyst (NPR loves shoving people into the “Senior” category, but I guess at age 90 Mr. Schorr does somewhat qualify). He’s an interesting guy, as anyone who heard the Bob Edwards Show interview can attest (the edited version that ran on PRI’s Bob Edwards Weekend is available for download), and even though his chat was all too short, he was in excellent form last evening.

After enjoying my coffee (the routine is for me to leave so I arrive at Politics and Prose around 5:00 pm so I can avoid the bulk of the traffic) and taking a short walk around the neighborhood, I gathered with the hundreds of other folks upstairs. I found a spot in the far corner where I could snap a photo or two without being in anyone else’s way, although had there been an emergency of any kind I would have been royally screwed, having to wait until everyone else got out (either that, or dive through the window to the parking lot a floor below). Still, if one is to be trapped, being trapped with someone who has reported the Cold War, ended up on Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List,” and refused to give Congress his source of the suppressed report of the House Intelligence Committee isn’t exactly a problem.

I’ve got some photos here, and also a very brief piece of video taken with my cell phone - for the complete video, I suggest you monitor C-SPAN, as their camera was there to record the event…hopefully, you can catch it there and enjoy it almost as much as those of us who were in attendance. (Unfortunately, though, you won’t get that excellent cappuccino…)

icon for podpress  Daniel Schorr at Politics and Prose [1:06m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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