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A Clip from MANC…

Filed under: General, Television — Charlie Summers @ 8:35 am

As most of you know (at least if you read this space), the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention was held last weekend. While there’s way too much good stuff from the weekend to discuss in this brief posting (I’m dealing with car inspection today, yippee), I wanted to at least get up here a short video clip of one of the guests, Erin Gray (Buck Rogers, Silver Spoons) talking about an actor I thought was consistently underrated, Robert Urich (the only Spencer: For Hire, Vega$, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice).

icon for podpress  Erin Gray on Robert Urich: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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2 Responses to “A Clip from MANC…” »


  1. martingrams Says:

    Erin Gray is still hot . . .
    The events of the weekend, as Charlie remarked, was MANY. As described by attendees, there is always at least two things going on at all times. For old-time radio fans, there was:
    * A presentation about SUPERMAN on radio and television hosted by Michael Hayde.
    * A presentation about THE LONE RANGER by radio historian and archivist Terry Salomonson.
    * A presentation about Have Gun - Will Travel and most importantly (shock!) visual images to support the claim why the television series was superior to the radio series.
    * A film showing of COMIN’ AROUND THE MOUNTAIN (1940) with Harold Peary playing Mayor Gildersleeve. (This film does not exist in complete form even at the UCLA archives but the complete movie was shown here!)
    * A film showing of THIS WAY PLEASE (1937), which was Fibber McGee and Molly’s first of seven films and Mary Livingston’s first motion picture!

    There were other events, but there is so many to list the best way to learn what all was shown and offered to attendees is to check out the convention web-site,

    And keep track of the web-site after March for a list of guests and movie showings and panels and presentations for the 2008 event! Anyone wanting DVDs of this past year’s events can contact Terry at


  3. martingrams Says:

    Charlie failed to mention it was he who stayed in the back of the event room almost all three days filming most of the panels and presentations, so let’s hear it for Charlie! (clap, clap, clap) If it wasn’t for him, the clip you see above and the DVDs available from Terry would not be available.

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