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It’s Higgins, Sir - The Vegetarian

Filed under: Old-Time Radio — Charlie Summers @ 1:46 pm

By request, the eleventh episode in the series, “It’s Higgins, Sir” aired September 11, 1951, a summer replacement series for Bob Hope’s Pepsodent program starring Harry McNaughton, Vinton Hayworth, and our good friend Pat Hosley.

Jerry Haendiges, he of The Vintage Radio Place and the original source of this series, has provided us high-quality masters of this entire series from which to create the MP3 files; while we’re distributing 32kbps MP3 files of these programs, you can find excellent-quality audio CDs at his website - go to the order page and use #40960 A for this episode. (Also, high-quality MP3s of this program are also available from Jerry in his MP3 Catalog.)

You may stream the show using the player below, or download it with the link. Remember, by subscribing to this blog’s RSS feed with any podcasting client (iTunes, Juice, etc.) the shows will be automatically downloaded to your computer or MP3 player!

icon for podpress  It's Higgins, Sir - The Vegetarian [29:46m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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I Really Hate Drive-Bys…

Filed under: General, Old-Time Radio — Charlie Summers @ 11:39 am

I don’t know why I’m so sensitive lately to “drive-bys” - those people who subscribe to the Internet OTR Digest to use the subscribers there then immediately unsubscribe…I mean, this is nothing new. People have been using those with knowledge with no recompense since time immemorial. But hot on the heels of the recent drive-by who wanted to sell some worthless 1980’s-era syndicated discs comes a producer making a living on an idea borrowed from Old-Time Radio, producing a documentary on a famous CBS newsman (who came up with the original idea) who hits the Digest, receives the audio clips he wanted, then immediately runs (unsubscribes).

Ok, I can understand how a guy who managed to make a living off of a non-original idea from OTR doesn’t really need to actually know anything about OTR…I mean, in many ways I’m glad the guy isn’t paying attention or he’d probably “liberate” other ideas from OTR and appropriate and copyright/trademark them, too. But, and maybe I’m being overly-sensitive here, I’m getting weary of people using the good people on the Digest to make money for themselves without giving the hobby any respect whatsoever. Look, if I ask for information or a specific program on the Digest, I generally receive bunches of replies or offers - I figure I owe those people something for being so generous, so I post programs here and try to promote the hobby in other ways to in some small way “pass it on,” giving back a small percentage of what I’ve been given by these folks. People who just take from these amazing people without giving anything back to the hobby are, in my humble opinion, despicable.

Maybe I’m just cranky…been a little under-the-weather lately. I need to get another episode of It’s Higgins, Sir! posted today, as I’ve been quite lax there due to my sniffles, and I’ve been promising a public radio producer/host I’d get off my rear end and help her with some geek stuff, so today is the day I snarf down some coffee and get my act together. ;)

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