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So I was in a mood…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 1:19 pm

This morning, I was in a mood, so I washed out a Star Trek bone-china coffee cup and saucer and had my cappuccino in it this morning instead of a “normal” cup. And it got me thinking…

I really gotta either fix that Olympus camera or buy a new one…

Let me back up a little. Years ago, the Pfaltzgraff company (then based in York, PA) manufactured the bone-china dinnerware for the banquet scene in Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country. After a bit of nudging by the employees, they produced a 3,000-set limited-edition placesetting (plate, cup, saucer) primarily for their employees of the same dinnerware. There was something of a riot at the company store, what with everyone under the sun wanting to buy the things…I have mine thanks to the efforts of my mother, and her contacts pretty much everywhere including in the bowels of Pfaltzgraff itself. Heck, I even have a stack of un-numbered Certificates of Authenticity, again thanks to my mother, and no, you can’t have them to bootleg china sets. (I was surprised to see these selling for only ~$100…I would think they would be worth more, considering they were probably $50/set when initially sold. And if you see some clown on the Net saying the red “dots” are proof they are part of the same production run as the movie plates, ignore him since he’s full of crap. The dots are part of the original pattern from which the plates were modified - Patina, maybe?, and none of the sets were made contemporarily with the sets used in the film.)

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