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Vacation Notes…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 10:30 pm

I spent less time this vacation worrying about things I have to do when I get back…I was able to stay more in-the-moment instead of wasting the time going home in my head. Of course, that means you’ve been screwed, dear reader, since I hadn’t been worrying too much about keeping up with the news or the blog, but hey…

This may have something to do with cavorting in the ocean with a nine-year-old…

We saw the Wienermobile. (I know, but it was worth another mention.)

I saw the dumbest case of road rage Thursday morning heading toward Broadway at the Beach. A brightly-colored van promoting the “Myrtle Beach Drain Cleaners” cut in front of an elderly gentleman (seriously, cut the guy off), then proceeded to act like a royal knucklehead, driving forward then suddenly slamming on the breaks throwing the older driver the finger and coming to a dead stop, then drive forward, repeat, etc., etc. Seriously, if this putz cleans drains the way he drives, I suggest you call someone else if you’re in the area with a drain that needs cleaned. And a hint: if you’re going to drive like a complete dufus, at least be smart enough to do it in a nondescript car instead of a van with a custom license plate echoing a word in your company name…

While walking through Barefoot Landing, I realized how many storefronts were running their air conditioning full-blast while the doors were hanging open…one ice cream shop had two sides of the store open. With all the problems of global warming reaching a tipping-point, I can’t help wondering how many tons of carbon are pumped needlessly into the atmosphere by all the stores in all the tourist sites on both coasts wasting so much energy for nothing? Maybe what we need isn’t some world-wide concert nonsense, maybe we just need to close the damned doors and quit cooling or heating the outside.

I ate way too much this week as is common for just about everyone on vacation. But I have a rule…no national chains (or at least none of those chains I have locally — I admit to hitting White Castle first thing when I go to the Cincinnati Nostalgia Convention, and the Krispy Kream here gets hit on a routine basis in the mornings, even if they did replace the rustic old building with a faux-chrome cookie-cutter one just like all the others — the old store with its dual cases and its staff of older southern women with their, “What can I getcha, Hon?” greeting instead of the bored vacation workers just waiting for five o’clock is something I’ll always miss). So instead of Olive Garden, there’s Rossi’s, replacing Denny’s or Bob Evans is the Spring House Family Restaurant (with the amazing Pot Belly sandwich; mounds of delicious pot roast on a kaiser roll smothered in cheddar cheese and homemade gravy), China Buffet (a must-visit for my father), and my personal must-go, Benito’s (the Quattro Fromaggion four-cheese pizza is an artery-clogging delight) instead of Pizza Hut or Domino’s. Why even consider the chains when there’s so much great food available within a few miles of where we are? Heck, I can visit those chains any time I want at home…it’s the local restaurants I have to drive hours to reach.

Maybe a Cracker Barrel stop on the way home, but that’s as close as I get to national chains when on vacation.

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