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February 2007
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I have a headache…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 11:45 pm

It’s been a truly bizarre day. I’m finally up-and-around after being laid low by some virus that took away my ability to stand upright (I now understand the meaning of the word “vertigo”), and odd things keep happening.

First off, there’s that OTR Digest thing. Seems someone decided to bring up the whole McCarthy/Red Channels issue again, which of course started a liberal-vs-conservative (or conservative-vs-liberal, whichever) discussion. While the discussion has value (assuming it remains civil), we all know where it’s headed (been there, done that, been burned), so I find myself asking everyone not only to be nice, but to avoid all discussion of contemporary issues. The last thing anyone needs is for the OTR Digest to become mired in an argument about the merits of the Iraq war, you know?

So the letters start coming in…some people want the discussion stopped in its tracks, some people appreciate that it is going on, and a tiny minority are determined to argue contemporary politics, as if there aren’t enough places on the Net to do that. And all I want is to get out of the discussion without being accused of being a pinko or a fascist (or both). Yeah, I know, that ain’t gonna happen, since I’m clearly biased against whatever side the rejected message is on, but one can dream. I mean, it’s impossible for me to win in any way, shape, or form, since I’m either “abridging someone’s free-speech rights” (never-mind that only applies to the government, and not to me guiding the discussion on the OTR Digest) or “allowing someone to wander off-topic” (like that’s never happened before). So since I’m pretty much screwed no matter what I do, I’m dealing with it the way I’d want it to be handled; trying to allow the thoughtful posts through while stopping the ones that are aiming to pick a fight. And looking forward to a resumption of the argument over the first name of The Lone Ranger which while a little repetitive is at least on-topic and apolitical.

So then I get a “signup” to the Nostalgia Pages Forums from yet-another-spammer…nothing unusual about getting spammers registering for the forum, and I work hard every day to try to keep them away. But this one had a new wrinkle I have to admit was interesting…seems the pr0n website she was advertising has an interesting computer program which allows any words to be placed on a legal tablet she’s holding, simply by adjusting the name of the file requested (like, to get “Hello Folks” the request would be for “Hello%20Folks.jpg”). Of course, in the series of photographs, she is in various stages of disrobement, holding the tablet at…er…interesting places.

No, I won’t give the spammer what she wants by giving you a pointer to the URL (besides, this is a family website where parents shouldn’t need to worry about stumbling over pictures of nekked wimmen), but it was another bizarre incident in a bizarre day. Even Jack Bauer couldn’t cheer me up by torturing his brother.

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One Response to “I have a headache…” »


  1. voxpop Says:

    re mccarthy/red channels discussion. i’m one of the interested ones but i thought the analogy of comparing it to a discussion of the iraq war was out of place..because the red channels discussion is closer to OTR where as the iraq war has NO connection to OTR whatsoever..

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