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Hello…and goodbye…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 10:14 am

The two “portable” XM Radios tuned to…ah heck, what did you expect?

I received for Christmas this year, from my wife and daughter, a brand-spankin’ new Nexus 25 XM Satellite Radio, to replace the Roady2 (yeah, the Roady2 I needed to repair and detailed here not long ago). For the blog, I wanted to take a pic of the radio, currently sitting with the Tao XM2Go that is usually in the car.

This radio is not a “true” portable, that is it cannot receive “live” XM unless docked in the home stand. But since it’s a replacement for the Roady2, it’ll be mostly docked anyway, yet I can pop it from the cradle for my walks even when Annie has the Tao.

What’s really cool is that when this radio makes a recording, it automatically changes stations (the Tao doesn’t - it must be turned off to record a scheduled recording), so I can listen to Watercolors or The Blend during the afternoons and not worry about watching the clock for The World at 6:00 pm on XMPR.

As I was taking the photos, however, the camera’s flash tube flashed way too brightly and made a loud “popping” sound, and (as one would expect) no longer flashes. (*sigh*) I’m thinking it may be impossible to repair the camera (it’s an Olympus D-510 Zoom, with a massive 2.1 megapixels, but it has been a good and faithful servant), so for a while I’ll probably be photoless except in the sun.

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