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He’s at it again — Roady2 Disassembly

Filed under: General, Radio Today, Electronics Disassemblies — Charlie Summers @ 10:51 am

Yesterday when I moved my Roady2 and replaced it, I discovered a problem - no right channel. Now anyone who has studied the Roady2 knows that the one thing that makes it unique among XM radios is its one fatal weakness…the lack of a propriatary cradle connector and the use of reletively standard connectors on the side. I was pretty sure I knew what was wrong, and I have a spare Roady2 in the basement, but I didn’t want to do a radio swap right now (please don’t ask why). To make sure I was right, and to hopefully fix the problem, I needed to…you guessed it…take it apart. Photos and commentary after the jump…

So…we start with the T-6 torx driver you might remember from the Tao XM2Go disassembly and remove those four screws on the back.

Now we pop off the back…note part of the FM antenna wrapping around the inside of the unit.

Gently remove the unit from the front case…sit the rubber button mouldings to the side for now…

Now check the back of the audio out connector…yep, just what I thought…a broken solder joint. (It’s hard to see, but it’s the one to the left.)

So I’ll touch it with a low-wattage grounded soldering iron. Note I’m a tad shaky, so I bumped the cover mount and the audio jack housing.

Before I put it back together, I tested it “naked” — was a bizarre sight to see the LEDs that light the lower buttons glowing…anyway, once certain everything was right with the world, put the puppy back together, hang it up and…

Just in time for my favorite segment of my favorite show. ;)

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