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Down the Rabbit Hole…Part 2

Filed under: Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 4:00 pm

Talk about the show on

Tish Valva

Executive producer Tish Valva gave a short speech thanking the folks at XM for their support, followed by a short “thank you” from Bob Edwards. It was here he made clear that the only thing that should get near the bourbon is ice, none of that other nonsense some people insist on putting in there. (I was able to act insufferable because I already knew that, unlike my compatriots who adulterated their beverages.) Once the speeches were finished, it was time to grab a bite.

Bob Edwards

After going through the buffet line (and I have to admit, although I sampled most of the dishes, I didn’t get a lot to eat…there were too many butterflies in my stomach leaving little room for food) and having a celebratory drink “The Colonel’s Way,” I became something of a “rat in a maze,” crawling around the coridors of the complex like a rodent in search of cheese. Here, the 70’s studio…there, the XM Cafe studio…Russ found the 60’s studio,. and was invited inside for a chat. I found the XM Kids studio, but by the time I did, Absolutely Mindy was gone (which means I am in serious trouble with my seven-year-old daughter!).

The place is…radio. Studios everywhere, some the size of a broom closet, others (like the XM Home Plate studio) spacious control room/studio combinations. Small corridors lead to yet more studios, and I’m absolutely certain I didn’t see all of it.

Since I’m getting just a little backed-up with getting the pictures up, let’s take a break in the verbage and look at a few:

A Place to Write Congrats
Tish Valva, Executive Producer
The MLB Home Plate Studio
The XM Kids Studio

The Bob Edwards Studio

Eventually, though, I ended up at the “mecca” for the invited guests, The Bob Edwards Show studio. This is one of the more spacious studios, and a number of us took advantage of the room to cluster around the console…and some recorded promo spots to be used during the program! I spent my time photographing producers, fans, and even my wife within the control room and studio. I was even lucky enough to get a photograph of Russ Gifford, site admin of sitting in the big guy’s chair, recording a promo using the same mic Bob uses every Monday morning!

Ok, ok, more photos, all inside the Bob Edwards Show studio…

My Wife
Russ Gifford…in The Chair

Now those who aren’t big fans of the show might not realize how seriously…cool…it is to be in that studio. But lemme tell you, this morning, when I heard David Broder talk live to Bob at 8:00 am EDT, my mental image was completely different than it used to be…after all, I stood there just last week.

Tomorrow…the wind-up. We get the call to hit the XM Live Performance Studio, and attend the program you will hear tomorrow morning at 8:00 am in the east, 7:00 am in the west. Don’t miss listening to the show, then come back here to see it!

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