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Newspaper and Net Stories about Edwards’ Last Day

Filed under: Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 3:11 pm

From the Tallahassee Democrat: Tallahassee ties tugged with departure of veteran NPR host

From the Baltimore Sun: The end of the morning star

From The AP via the Seattle Post Intelligencer: Bob Edwards signs off ‘Morning Edition’

An editorial from The Good-bye, Bob Edwards Read this one.

From the AP via The Longtime NPR Host Bob Edwards Signs Off (different version of the above story)

More as I find ‘em…

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Tribute to Bob Edwards…

Filed under: Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 8:11 am

There’s a lovely tribute to Bob Edwards on the NPR website, with audio highlights of his thirty-year career, tributes from his colleagues, and a biography detailing his honors and awards:

Talk about a full-service organization; apparently, NPR will not only shoot you, but give you a lovely eulogy afterwards.


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Thanks, Bob…

Filed under: General, News, Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 12:10 am

…for everything. When I was but a puppy, you got me through the early morning as I worked on ballfields and mowed grass, all the while filling my head with interest for the world around me. Thanks for being around as I started my business, with that calm voice starting every day as if anything was possible, no matter how dire the news. Thanks for hanging with me through 1998, when my wife was having in-patient chemotherepy and my premature daughter was living in the NICU; I especially appreciated the returns that year, since no matter how bad things got, you still made me laugh first thing in the morning, and nothing was more important to me than those smiles during that terrible year. (You’ll be pleased to know both my wife and daughter are just fine now, and Katie has listened with me almost every morning of her young life. She still can’t understand why you won’t be there anymore…and she’s not alone.)

I have a whole lot of things to thank you for, so let me skip to the most important one. Thanks for not lying down and rolling over, not following the corporate line and saying, “Yeah, this was my idea,” the way the pinstripes clearly expected. Thanks for being honest with us, and telling us it wasn’t your choice - it takes integrity to be honest with those of us you’ve never met who consider you a close friend, a constant in a world of frightening changes. I would have hoped some of that integrity might have rubbed off on those above you, but the evidence of the last month proves with no uncertanty you stand pretty much alone when it comes to having the courage to give us truth.

Others have said it far better than I can…mornings just aren’t going to be the same anymore. Surely I’ll find something to listen to, something that will keep me informed on the world around me. But as I listen this morning, and savor for the final time, “This is Morning Edition, I’m Bob Edwards,” I know something terribly important is going to be missing from my mornings, and my life, from now on. Bet you never thought when you started this gig almost twenty-five years ago you could have such a profound impact on those who listened…but you have.

Thanks, Bob. For everything.

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Quote of the Day…

Filed under: News, Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 11:42 am

In the excellent Washington Post article written by Jennifer Frey, Bob Edwards & the Remains of the Day, Charles Osgood who was Bob Edwards’ first interview on “Morning Edition” back on Nov. 8, 1979 and will be his last aired interview on his last day as host tomorrow morning, says, “”Here is someone who has been able to provide something distinctly different from the run-of-the-mill, and they seem hellbent on doing what everyone else is doing. And I think it’s an enormous mistake.”

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If you want to hear what Morning Edition will become…

Filed under: Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 4:26 pm

…tune into “Day by Day,” the mid-day “news” magazine from NPR and Slate magazine. Dear lord, I accidentally had the pitiful soundbyte-regurging excuse for a news program on and heard their corrections slot. You know, where most dignified programs admit to and correct their errors? These people use “Bad to the Bone” as their theme, and make jokes about the mistakes they make.

Clearly, we wouldn’t want to worry about something as silly as correcting our errors, so why should we take anything else seriously? Yeah, let’s make fun of the fact that we may have harmed people by not bothering to research our facts.

“Like, Hi! This is Morning Edition, I’m Tiffany, and it’s a TOTALLY knarly day!”


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Billy Joel crashes car into house

Filed under: News — Charlie Summers @ 11:58 pm

From CNN: Singer-songwriter Billy Joel was slightly injured and mostly embarrassed when he lost control of his car on a rain-slicked road and banged into a house, the Grammy Award-winning artist’s third car accident in two years.

Man, if this guy could only drive a car the way he drives that keyboard…

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Downloads rise as file traders seek new venues

Filed under: News — Charlie Summers @ 8:42 pm

From Music downloads among U.S. adults have risen sharply during the past several months, despite a crackdown by the music industry to curb such behavior.

The RIAA should spend more time educating and working to make music affordable…sueing kids and grandparents doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

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Low-Watt Radio Wields Its Power

Filed under: News, Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 2:38 pm

From Wired: In general, low-power radio, more than four years after the FCC’s ruling, has been something less than an unqualified success.,1283,63198,00.html

Interesting story about future competition for NPR…and lord only knows those dweebs could use the shaking-up…

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NPR’s Edwards will soon sleep in

Filed under: News, Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 2:15 pm

Daniel Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer interviews principles involved in the outster of Bob Edwards. (Registration Required)

Just when the anger loweres a little, these PR novices manage to tick me off all over again. Over 35,000 cards, letters, and emails have entered NPR, and the best Sterns can say is that they would have, “done it differently.” They would still have done it, of course, since they know better than we do what we want to hear.

Kernis has the most sensible quote in the article, although he doesn’t have the intelligence to realize what he’s saying: “There was no good time to do this.” Well, duh…it’s something that should not have been done.

Again, I repeat my suggestion (detailed in my 11 April post More on the Morning Edition Disaster) that you withhold support from your local public radio station (or whatever station you regularly support), and urge other individuals and corporations from withholding their support, until such time as they pressure the board of NPR to remove Executive Vice President Ken Stern and Senior Vice President for Programming Jay Kernis from their positions at NPR for alienating so many previously-loyal listeners by their foolish decision to replace Mr. Edwards, and their bumbling, smug, self-righteous mishandling of the fallout caused by this decision. And let them know in no uncertain terms exactly why you are withholding your support!

The only way to put the “Public” back in National Public Radio is to show them exactly who is paying their salaries…and to stop paying the salaries of those responsible for this disaster.

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I’ve Been Re-reading “Struts and Frets…”

Filed under: Old-Time Radio — Charlie Summers @ 6:15 pm

I was asked to choose the “Struts and Frets” column, written by Harry Bartell, that will be in this year’s REPS Showcase program, which has me going back over the entire series. It’s just plain good stuff, and whether you’ve never read the series and have the entire experience to look forward to, or you already read the series when originally published and you have new things to find in them, they are more than worth the time to revisit. Written by an insider with more radio credits than he (and his daughter) could count, they are a fascinating look into the people and the time we love so much.

Read them.

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What the heck is a blog?

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 3:30 pm

I have to admit I’m a little surprised at how many people are asking me what a “blog” is. I thought everyone had run into them once or twice. But then, someone asked me what a “trackback” was, and I realised…er…I wasn’t exactly sure. I mean, I knew how to ping a trackback URL, but I wasn’t sure why I’d want to.

So I did a little search, and found an introduction to weblog terms for weblog readers written by Phil Gyford early in 2003. It is a simple yet easy-to-understand guide to some of the necessary terms to understand what blogging is and how to get the most out of it.

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Forgent Sues Over JPEG Patent

Filed under: News — Charlie Summers @ 9:31 am

From Wired: Forgent Networks said Friday it sued 31 major hardware and software vendors, including Dell and Apple Computers, for allegedly infringing on its claim to an algorithm used in the popular JPEG picture file format.,1367,63200,00.html

The patent system in this country is completely whacked.

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E-Vote Firm on the Hot Seat

Filed under: News — Charlie Summers @ 1:55 am

From Wired: Diebold Election Systems President Bob Urosevich was forced to defend his company’s business practices Wednesday at a contentious meeting in Sacramento before California’s Voting Systems Panel that may result in the company’s machines being barred from the state.,2645,63172,00.html

This company should be decertified…and other states (i.e. Maryland) should consider dumping them as well. They have clearly shown themselves to be incapable of telling the truth, or anything approaching it.

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Schools raided by FBI in pirating crackdown

Filed under: News — Charlie Summers @ 7:44 pm

From AZ Central: Agents poured through data and records at a computer command center for the Deer Valley School District in the northwest Valley and blocked the office from the public. It was among other places in Arizona and “quite a few other states” where sealed search warrants were served, the FBI said.

I’d kinda prefer Ashcroft would use the FBI to find serious criminals, instead of using it as the bought-and-paid-for security force for the RIAA.

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‘Phishing’ scams luring more users

Filed under: News — Charlie Summers @ 12:24 pm

From The number of “phishing” e-mails circulating on the Web has increased from 279 to 215,643 over the
past six months, according to e-mail security company MessageLabs.

This article details yet-another-reason to keep java and javascript turned OFF by default, only turning it on for those few websites you really trust.

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David Hinckley on NPR’s “Changes”

Filed under: News, Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 10:35 pm

David Hinckley of the New York Daily News (a great friend to the Newark Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention, by the way) comments on the ouster of Bob Edwards from Morning Edition.

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TV-Turnoff Week…What a Waste

Filed under: Television — Charlie Summers @ 3:00 pm

My daughter’s school is participating in (actually, coercing and bribing students to participate in) TV-Turnoff Week April 19-25, 2004. The idea is that the student, and (I assume by extension) the family watches no television for that entire week. To quote from the material the school sent home, “this event is important to curb excess TV-watching.” This also includes computer/video games, too.

Ok, kids, shall we start running through how really daffy the idea of a one-week break is?

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Saturday Evening at the Cincy Con!

Filed under: Old-Time Radio — Charlie Summers @ 12:22 am

The 2004 Cincinnati Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention is now history…but what a lot of fun we’ve had the last two days! We’ve had great recreations, a fantastic dealer’s room, and Annie and I have been thrilled to meet many of you for the first time (if only in elevators, eh, Chris?) and revisit with many old friends. It was a little odd to have to go to Jim Widner and tell him I wasn’t dead, however…

This evening we were fortunate enough to have dinner with Bob Neumann Newman, and my name was drawn (again!), this time to receive a copy of a CD of Bob Hastings’ record album, “Bob Hastings Sings for the Family” from Terry Salomonson. It was wonderful to see Ester Geddes McVey who is still a stunning woman, while we also remember with fondness her late husband, Tyler. It was great to see Will Hutchins, a frequent attendee of the FOTR Con, here in Cincinatti, along with Bob Hastings, Rosemary Rice, and Hal Stone (and his wife Dorothy).

Like most conventions, I’m sorry it’s over, since it means I need to pack up the car and go back home in the morning, back to the grind of everyday life. I’m in many ways luckier than most, though, since I spend at least part of my day every day dealing with OTR folks, what with running the Digest server and all. But then, with the Digest, we all get to spend a little time every day with each other, reveling in our joy of old-time radio…so maybe going home isn’t so bad. Still, it is fun to dispense with the computer screen a few times every year and be together in the same room…

Ok, ok, I know, “shut up and get to the pics already!”

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Pics from Saturday Afternoon at the Cincy Con

Filed under: Old-Time Radio — Charlie Summers @ 5:07 pm

I’m trying desperately to get these posted before cocktails and dinner…look for more photo and comments later!

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Had a Great Lunch at Ryan’s…

Filed under: Old-Time Radio — Charlie Summers @ 2:59 pm

Annie and I used our winnings on lunch today at Ryan’s in Fairfield (6310 South Gilmore Road); the steaks were excellent, the buffet bar had a wide selection (everything from pot pie to pizza pie), and the dessert bar brought tears to my eyes with its selection of goodies.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, have lunch or dinner at Ryan’s, and thank them for supporting the Cincinnati Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention!

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